Hemp Oil, Moringa OIl, Cottonseed Oil, Meadowfoam Oil.


Vegetable Glycerin Shampoo base.

Shampoo Hemp and Moringa

  • Sensi Cosmetics present their uniquely formulated Hemp and Moringa shampoo.

    Designed to gently cleanse without stripping hair of its natural oils whilst moisturising and adding protection.

    Hemp oil is known to contain key ingredients that aid in hair growth.fatty acids like omega 6 and omega 3 to help stimulate hair growth. Those with damaged hair will be happy to know that these fatty acids also help aid in the formation of keratin to restore your hair to all its former glory.

    Moringa Oil contains many nutrients which will help make your hair look shinier, but it actually makes it stronger too. The rich nutrients in moringa oil such as zinc (which is essential for maintaining healthy hair) help boost keratin production to strengthen hair and prevent breakage. Additionally, the proteins in moringa oil also help to protect hair from potential damaging factors such as heat and the environment. 

    Cottonseed oil is rich in linoleic acid, which may help to promote steady hair growth and prevent hair loss by protecting the scalp and by strengthening the hair itself.

    Meadowfoam Oil  Meadowfoam seed oil can help rejuvenate dry or damaged hair, and lead to silky smooth hair. It has a long chain of fatty acids, so it is not able to penetrate the skin and hair. It coats the skin and hair locking in moisture.

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